How do you curate groups?

I curate groups mostly based on members' availability, but also take goals and connection opportunities into consideration. If you prefer to be in a specific group, for example a group for you and your co-workers, please indicate it on your application form.

What type of people are in AG?

Creative and business types who actively seek transformation and value the input of others. Members' backgrounds and fields vary. Some people are self-employed, some lead organizations, others are in AG to find their next project. AG is a 'can-do attitude' environment and attracts that type of personality.

Am I with the same group each week?

Yes. It's very beneficial and creates better results. If you don't enjoy your group for some reason, I will help you find a better fit.

Do I have to prepare something for AG?

You can come prepared with a goal, or a list of things you want to figure out, or the plan to find out what a goal can be. The most important thing is to take ownership over your thoughts and ideas. Other AG members are not there to do the work for you. Your success is based on what you put into AG.

What goals are set in AG?

My first goal was to find a new, fun creative outlet. That's how my project Subway Book Review was born. Other goals were centered around building better business practices, having more work-life balance, doing higher-level work, creating a better brand experience, or sharpening a personal vision. Often big steps toward achieving a goal are made within the first few sessions of AG.

What results can I expect?

The results are awesome if you commit to AG and really engage during sessions. It's likely you will make big steps toward goals that have previously felt far away, get things off your list that have been bugging you forever, find out what the actual problem is behind a hurdle and start to overcome it, or simply start to love the idea that you deserve to have it all. 

What if I have to skip an AG session?

With enough notice you can skip no problem. If you have to skip more than one session in a month I recommend to take up AG at another time. For more details, please see the cancellation and refund policy. 

How does payment work?

Once you submit the application form, I'll email you the payment info. I accept PayPal only at this time. All sessions have to be paid in advance. 

What about my privacy and personal information?

I take a creating a comfortable, honest setting very seriously and protect all members by providing a mutual NDA that is mandatory to sign when joining AG. I also encourage all members to be mindful of the information they choose to disclose in AG. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties unless explicitly agreed upon. For more details feel free to email me.